Who's Trading What

I just added the Who’s Trading What report. You can see it here:



Matthew the charts on the page look outdated … at least some of them don’t seem to match the numbers.

Edit: My system for example shows a gain since I “subscribed” and turned on TOS but the chart is basically flat since it appears to stop in April or May.



P.S. Kudos on the TOS page and this page … transparency is good provided you’re not running for office…

Hi Matthew,

What ever happened to the "secret project" from last summer?


Can you at least reveal at this point what you were working on?

Because there is already TOS page, IMO you should remove system admins from the list of “Who’s Trading What”.

This page should be used only for subscribers - not for admins subscribed to their own system.

This way you’ll see that most of them are in red right now.