I take care of my system from 16 months, I generated excellent profits with low commission, I also paid for the service “Feature your system” but I have not received subscribers,
is there anyone here who earns on Collective2?
and yes, how much?
thanks regards

I mean no offense, John, but your system has been down overall since January 2013. That’s more than a year of non-performance. It’s not exactly the most attractive system on its surface.

Now, that’s not to say it isn’t a great system – perhaps it really is – but it isn’t obvious on first inspection. Therefore, I think it’s a lot to ask C2 to do the heavy lifting for you of telling people why they ought to overlook the rather glaring fact of the system’s performance for the past one year.

That really is a task best done by you, the system developer. How? Active participation in the forums, doing some of your own marketing via social media (within legally allowable parameters), and - yes - Featuring your system on C2 are all good ways.

I hope this message is greeted in the spirit in which it is intended. I mean no disrespect, but you seem upset that your system hasn’t garnered a lot of subscribers. When I look at the system, this doesn’t strike me as surprising. My suggestion is to keep plugging away, keep building a good track record, and good things will ultimately follow.


We have no problem attracting subs and after looking at your port I’d concur with Mathew.

To be fair to the developer it is down from Jan 2014 not Jan 2013 , however the issue could be that the track record is small .

sorry Matthew but this is the information on my system:

Strategy began 1/11/2013
Age 16 months ago
What it trades Stocks
# Trades 12
# Profitable 10
% Profitable 83.33%
Max peak-to-valley drawdown 28.2%
Annual Return (Compounded) 45.4%

what do you think about?
It is not a year of non-performance, why do you write fake thing?
thanks regards

Sorry, John. I apologize. I should have wrote that your system has been flat since November 2013. Since today is May 2014, that is not a year of non-performance, as I erroneously said. It is six months of non-performance.

I regret my error, but I think my general point still stands. It’s a lot to expect that people should beat down your door to become your customer when your recent performance hasn’t been spectacular.

My advice, too, hasn’t changed from my first post. Just keep at it, build a good track record, and people will come.

Again, I apologize for my mistake.


Sure Matthew. Only one thing: my system is based on the principles of value investing and it is very probable that for a period of time does not go very well but in the long-term obtains excellent results, so there will always be those periods of non-performance.
Even Warren Buffett, the best investor of all time, has had many periods of non-performance, but on average gained more than 20% per year for more than 30 years, so in the long-term value investing really makes you earn more than any other form of investment, especially for us small investors who can’t have inside information (and make insider trading in the short-term).

This is obviously my opionion on the investment world, and I am explaining how the value investing works and why I decided to invest with these investment principles, but It is not my intention to discourage people from enrolling other system (short-term trading system) available here on Collective2, they can certainly be good system.