Why is my position filled

why is my position filled when the stop is above the open price?

10/11/11 9:31 BUY 87 AMGN 57.37 10/11 9:37 57.29 n/a ($9)

BTO 87 AMGN at stop 57.37 Filled: 57.37 at 10/11/11 9:31 ET

STC 87 AMGN at market Filled: 57.29 at 10/11/11 9:37 ET

it opened at 57.27 and I put a stop at 57.37 but still gets a fill?

Matthew please explain.



San - In the future, the best way to handle this is to submit a trade trouble ticket ( http://www.collective2.com/static/how_trouble.htm ) rather than using the forums for this.

However, there is no need to do that this time; I’ll take a look right now.


A Buy Stop means "fill at market price when stock trades at or above 57.37".

AMGN traded at 57.37 during the minute between 9:31 and 9:32. That is why you were filled.