Why is this trade not registered on my signal?

I placed 2 trades and only the first trade is registered on my signal (make money everyday). I was hoping i didn’t have to constantly check C2 to make sure things are working right. I’m using cqg brokertransmit.

1st trade = ES short
2nd trade = MES long


this is from my signal. the MES trade is missing.


Which system are you looking at?

I see your trades in " Make Money Everyday"

YOu can see that the MES trade after the ES trade today didn’t register.

But I found out what happened. Apparently you have to subscribe to your own signals for brokertransmit to work. When i got an email from C2 that I will be charged $150, i unsubscribe from it. Later C2 said you just have to ignore that email, a small note at the end would help like “if you subscribe to your own signal, please disregard”) So the latest trades didn’t go through. C2 fixed it so now i’m back to subscribing to my signals again and hopefully the next trades will go through.