Why OTM expired options aren´t recognized as TOS?

If a developer could look at this I would be very happy. As you can see in my strategy page, when you click on my TOS badge, it says I only followed 64 out of 66 trades.

These 2 trades were OTM options which I held short through expiration so they expired worthless. I did these trades in my broker account (I use broker transmit) but it´s not recognized by C2 for TOS. Any idea how to solve this? It´s possible that I make more OTM expiration trades but I don´t want investors to loose faith in my TOS just because there is a missing link in the software.

Anyone else has this problem?

Any comments on that matter? I would actually like the tos function to work correctly…

That’s not a development I can implement because we don’t have that level of visibility into brokerage accounts to confirm that option expirations / assignments happen the way we believe they will.

It’s one thing to say, “Yeah, that option probably expired out of the money” (or in the money) … but when regulators audit us and ask us to prove a particular option exercise or assignment occurred, we would not be able to do so.

Trade executions are a different matter, and much easier to authenticate: when they happen, we receive broker execution ids from the broker at the instant the fill takes place, and we can later verify this when regulators ask us to.

So, for now, TOS certification applies only to trade executions we can confirm with specific execution IDs.

Thank you very much for clarification. I’ll manage my positions accordingly in the future.

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