Why subscription stopped for CurrenX?

I received the following email that my subscription was cancelled for Currenx:

Dear alice sutton:

This email confirms that you have unsubscribed from the trading system called CurrenX as of Aug 10 08:44 ET.

The reason the subscription has stopped is: non_usa_defunct_subs_worker cron. No AT 3 days after sub.

- Collective2

CurrenX has a free subscription price as of now. This also happened to my paid subscription to Soybean Futures Day Trader last week which I was auto trading. I was fortunate enough to not of been trading the day that this happened. There is a severe software bug somewhere at Collective 2 that has the capability of losing a subscriber tons and tons of money.

I initially thought this to be a fluke that had been remedied, but, I was so wrong. This has also happened to my friend Huck that trades the same systems that I do. However, his subscription to CurrenX is still current as of now, but was dumped from a paid subscription to Soybean Futures Day Trader. Who knows what 5 minutes from now will bring. My guess is that he also will be thrown under the subscription bus.

Please help find a solution to this massive complication before trading begins this coming week and major amounts of dollars money are lost.



It seems to be the subscriptions that I opened during the last week during the re-design of C2. There also seems to be flaws in forex restrictions between lost sizes and units and several little other bugs here and there. Matthew, did you ever think about some beta testing before implementing such massive changes? I’m sure that you have been working overtime on so many new issues, but the blinking message is quite irrelevant versus subscriptions being cancelled when possibly auto trading.

Again, I apologize for my tone, but a ticket about the cancellations was created last Thursday according to a system designer. And yet no response.

Thanks, Alice.

The issue is that you subscribed on the nonUSA web site but never set up autotrading for the system. Since system developers on the nonUSA site only are compensated if you trade in a live brokerage account, the software unsubscribes you after three days if you do not Autotrade in a live account. If i am mis-reading my own audit logs, please send me a private email explaining the situation and I will look into it. It is possible that we have you registered as a nonUSA customer based on your IP address, or based on your earlier registration via the nonUSA web sit. Let me know your situation and I’ll help resolve it.


The system had you (incorrectly) registered as a nonUSA customer and unsubscribed you when you failed to use a nonUSA broker . I am looking into the cause and in the meantime have turned off the automatic unsubscription process. Please resubscribe and let Alen at our help desk know and she will male sure your subscription charge dates are scheduled correctly . Sorry for the problem .

I use Interactive Brokers whom I just goggled and their location is One Pickwick Plaza, Greenwich, CT 06830 USA. I have not had this problem in the past so why now? I live in Missouri.


Hey Matthew.

I know you are doing an excellent job and please forgive my irrational comments, and I apologize for them. Collective 2 is the best thing going out there. With new competent systems starting daily. I just want to say thanks.



I just thought of something. I use a virtual private server provided by MyHosting. They are located in Ontario Canada. This has never been a problem in the past, but with all of the changes it might be one now.