Autotrading OFF (unwanted), still subscribed

Hi Matthew,

Martijn here under my test account John Test.

I subscxribed with a demo-FXCM account for autotrading to my own system FUREX GREEN some 10 days ago. All things went fine in FXCM. Now the autotrading suddenly stopped?? Logging in again in C2 with this account…it said: "you are subscribed but not autotrading, let me help you…"

I wonder if my real subscribers might have the same problem, missing out the latest rally in my system. They would not have a clue as they are not into forex trading or trading whatsoever.

What happened?

Thank you

Martijn aka John Test

According to our audit log, on Feb 8 2010 at 16:27:50 Eastern Time, you used the AutoTrade Setup Wizard and removed the trading permission for this system.

Hi, Martijn -

Let me correct my last post. Upon review, it appears that your introducing broker shut down the demo trading / simulation account because the broker’s policy is that demo accounts are only valid for two weeks. After that point, the broker asks you to use a real account. I suspect extensions can be arranged; please contact Melissa at BulldogFX.

Only 2 weeks???

Even for an hourly trading system that’s way too short of a period to evaluate its trading distribution.

It used to be 1 month like C2.

I’ll contact Melissa Karty.