Wugot has reduced the price and make it much more affordable

I truly believe the $250 that I used to charge previously was fair and the future will surely show that I was right. However, since C2 charges a fee on top of the trader fee; I think that it is wise to reduce my fee in order to open the door to much more people that would never be able to make money otherwise. Now, I reduce my price to welcome all of you who want to fly with wugot on that long journey to paradise.
To our success, but always remeber that trading is a risky business. Someone may lose a part or all of his or her income.
Proper management along with great signals will make a good receipe for our success.

Lejeune Bauvil for Wugot

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Are you sure that C2 charges a fee on top of the trader fee? I believe C2 deducts the 30% on the trader fee.

Check with C2. I was told there is a $99 that all followers should pay.I am sure, but double ckeck yourself. Thanks

there is fee to c2 that include both developer paymentt (70%) and c2 payment (30%)
if somebody autotrade any systems there will be more cost in commission.
some brokers take 99$ per month+regular commissions and others have higher commissions per trade.

Thanks to both of you for the clarifications!