Wugot strategy is celebrating less than 4 months at C2 with 100% win

Wugot only trade Gold and it has been a while. We are maybe new at C2, but we are not new into trading at all. In less than 4 months, we have reached as predicted the 100% profit. We have doubled the $50000 starting amount. We have high win ratio and great cumulative profit. We have over 100 trades and we win over 90% of them. Weare among the top 5 systems with over 100 trades and that can keep 90% win ratio.Our Draw own percentage 15.6% is among the lowest of c2 system with over such many trades and such high win ratio.
We will not stay that we have the best systems. That does not make any sense to us. We love all the traders. We can only say, our system works, it is great and the results can speak for themselves. Either you like Wugot or not. Wugot is a blessing for many and will continue to be a blessing for many others. Our price is very affordable as well.

Thanks for all of you who love us or hate us.

lejeune Bauvil for Wugot strategy.


Your system has plenty of visibility being high on all the leader lists, popular strategies list, and the grid, do you really have to repeatedly spam the forums too?

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I have no other fun other than trading. C2 has told me that forum is a place to advertise. I do not see why I can not advertise at least 1 a day, but I still do not do that.When something is good, it is always good to often talk about it. Only the haters can hate hearing about something good.If you or any c2 members wnat me to stop posting or trading. I have plenty will to do. I will have more time to trade and make much more money from trading.How much do you think I am making here while the money is in the trade. Here is for fun and to alert people about a great way to build a strong solid capital assuming they know the risks associated with any startegy including wugot.
Sorry is my post hurts, but they can only hate haters, and I still love you all. You keep me from growing.

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The best advertising you could do is to get TOS certified. Without that one can only conclude that you don’t have enough confidence in your own system.


I agree with KarlaA on this… TOS is, and will become an increasingly important factor for a systems efficacy. There is simply no other way to fly. Regards to all

I have been trading since 2006 and I never went to school to that. I have been self employed since 2006. may be I a not update enough to know what to do to becoe TOS certify, but If you tell me and if it is worth it, I will do it.
As long as it can bring me money.
This story of taking my time for a very few people who will only pay a couple hundred a month will never worth my time.
If I am serious about trading. I can make much more without the need to have followers.
I am so confident about the syste that y Company will create a product system calls: Loan to Trade. Where people will no longer borrow to purchase, but borrow to make money . No need to pay back if you do not make money. Simple.

Show me a TOS system with over 200 followers, or even 100 , and tell me what to do to become one, I will do that asap.

How do you become TOS certified?

Perhaps this is one for the C2 staff - but basically you need to trade a broker account with live money and execute your trades on that account in line with what subscribers of your system would trade. This site has resources that explain how TOS gets set up. Regards

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Look at Carma Stocks https://collective2.com/details/81128026
May be they don’t have a 100 followers but so far the most I have noticed here on C2. I’m sure TOS certification helps to build the consumer’s confidence.


go to your system, click on Manage, click on Certify Trades Own System, follow the instructions. It’s easy.

Thanks a lot for the info.
I could have been C2 certify if they tell me Step by step what to do and how to do it?
if I had to trade on real account to do it. I will not since Futures real account here will cost me more infees than having followers.
I could have shown to anyone my smallest account and I can make a lot of ore money than having followers.

CFD has less charge. Nofees per transaction. I can hedge etc.
I also have plan to have thousands of followers with a program where people can get a loan to trade. The fees will cost too much on futures Gold.

If you are unwilling to trade your own system on Collective2 and get TOS certified because “the fees are too high” or whatever, why should anyone else? Are the fees to high for them? They have to pay your subscription cost in addition to the fees.

Easyto say, but I can’t see it. Where would I see manage on my system? What comes before that?

Let me quote Rob from above:


go to your system, click on Manage, click on Certify Trades Own System, follow the instructions. It’s easy."

Or call the friendly people at Collective2 support, they will help you set up TOS certification.