"You might also be interested in..."

I would like to start a discussion about the “You might also be interested in…” box on the system description page. C2 suggests that those interested in Kauai, should also be interested in 6 other systems: Gamutz, Index Option Writer, Neutral Range, GoldenEye, Strategic Option Writer, and 4Timing.

However, C2 does not suggest that those interested in any one of these 6 systems, should also be interested in Kauai! I.e. if I go to the GamutZ page and click on ‘See other systems…’, Kauai is not shown…

I find this odd; I think if C2 suggests to people interested in Kauai, to also have a look at 6 other systems, it should also suggest to people interested in any of those 6 systems to have a look at Kauai.

Perhaps the suggestions are somewhat random. But they are most likely more about generating extra revenue for C2…

I have never been able to find a signal that has Conservative Growth as a compatible signal.

Rick Haines

Very good observation Science Trader.

The basic idea behind the “You might also be interested in…” feature is that it finds systems that:

1) have low correlations (positive or negative) to the system in question

2) trade the same kind of instruments

3) have performed generally well

It’s a math formula, and no human being is sitting around deciding which system to match with which. I’ll try to examine the cases you mention in order to figure out why some systems are not provided with complementary recommendations.