100% orders?

I’m interested in selling a system that swaps between 2X and 2X inverse mutual funds (Rydex RYVYX and RYVNX for example). It only trades toward the end of each day. I use this system in real life and swap 100% of the funds for each trade. Looking at the way C2 orders are sent, it looks like I need to specify the number of shares for each order. This is not true to real life as the order has to be put in 5 - 10 minutes before the market closes and I obviously won’t be able to put in an order for 100% of my fund (as I do in real life). Is there a way to just say buy or sell 100% instead of specifying the number of shares? Thanks.

Hello Kenneth,

I asked a similar question through email back in November, so perhaps sharing the response will be helpful:

Q. I saw that your system recognized EOD orders for Rydex Fund instruments. If I am trading Rydex instruments, is there a way to do a full exchange from one fund directly to another or does this need to be done in two trades? I am not sure if the MOO/MOC is the answer to this:

1) Close the current position using MOC-Park Until (2 min before close on day 1)

2) Open new position using MOO on day 2

In other words, for a fully-invested, long/short model, it would require a Sell to Close and then Buy to Open for every exchange trade.

A. No way to exchange… your proposed Close, then Open sequence is correct.

Its too bad your system does not accept real life orders. I have an account at Rydex and switch 100% of my funds each time I trade - no idea how many shares or the actual value of the trade. I just enter that I want to move 100% of my money from RYVYX to RYVNX or vice-versa. Could your system be set up to do this?

If not, I will try and work around this limitiation of your system on my own, but it will certainly decrease the effectiveness of my system as I will have to put the order in ~15 minutes prior to market closing and not trade as much (less than 100% - probably only 90%) so that it will fill. I won’t be using all the funds at my disposal, so the profit will be artifically low.

Will you please try to incorporate this change into your system? Thanks

Kennith why not use am pricing at Rydex? I know the settlement time is 1:15 after the open however with a good signal it will still work well. I have been using Rydex for years with my signals. I find they don’t work too well with fast signals 1 - 4 days. With signals that last longer they work fine if the signal is good. I use Rydex for my IRA and trade my signal UT2 with it. I am up 22% in the last 5 weeks. For a long time I used Rydex with my SMA IWM signal it worked very well. If you would like send me a personal message with your email and I will be glad to send you the spread sheets.

Rick Haines


I guess I should have stated for am pricing you have to have an account with Rydex.

Rick Haines