150 days of "crazy options"

Today we celebrate 150 days of “Crazy options” - my flag system.

you can check some of my Stat here and yes we have ~75K gains afer all cost and %734 gains in less them 6 months.
of course past stat never predict the future and i can’t say anything about future gains - its very risky system and i know how to loose money too.

for long term relationship have special coupon for next 24 hours: $169 only per month instead of $200 for NEW followers.

the cpupon code is:

You should claim for your coupon very soon because i can give this only for the first this weekend,

please feel free to write me - tell me little about yourself (State, age. trading style, hobbies, work…)
i really wish to know more about my friends here.

if you happy with my system - or not - please write me too. i have nlong weekend without trading so i happy to read you all. please also tell me about youself.