8 million dollars in one day?

According to his C2 trading record this Trade Leader made over $8,000,000 in 24 hours!

Turning $250K into $750K in 2 months is normal right…

In the Forex you can double your money in one day with a 1% move in your favor (100 to 1 leverage)

Nobody is that good to keep tripling their capital every few months. Eventually things will swing the other way and everything will be gone. Futures and forex can provide high capital efficiency when used wisely. This is not that.

Well he placed 2120 trades (a significant statistical sample) and yet his drawdown is 11.3% and his return unbelievable, how do you explain that?

About the $8 mil profit, I think it’s a computer glitch.

Easy to take that level of risk in a paper trade model account. If it were possible to keep that up year in year out trading forex a lot more would be trading it for sure. Name a single professional trader or fund that averages 300% a year for 10 years…

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I saw another one like this, seems to be a C2 glitch but it hasn’t been corrected. This strategy bought VXX calls that were assigned and allegedly made $320,983 selling them. VXX had a reverse split during that time and it looks like C2 did not account for the split in calculating the number of shares assigned.

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And it’s fixed, thanks C2. Chart looks quite sad now.

massive glitch…i told them to fix it…they didnt respond

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I never claimed that such performance is possible in the long run, even though this particular Trade Leader did manage to triple his account in the first two months.

Well, thanks to this glitch, your system went right to the number 1 position on the Grid (at least for a while), you should be happy. :wink: