A Collective experience?


Most of us have been using demo’s for autotrades using C2 systems.

OR many prefer to get through the signals and manually place the trades.

What i need to know is what are the REAL ACCOUNT(with the minimum amount used for trades thru’ C2 and trading platform used) successes and profit/losses, especially draw downs on various systems being used and if they could share their real-trading figures and details,for members to try out those systems or judge them…

This feature is available. For systems where AutoTrades have been placed in real accounts, you can click a link that says:


You will then see fill prices as actually executed in the real brokerage accounts.

Matthew, does that filter out, for example, trading on an IB paper account using TradeBullet or Trader68? What about custom software? Specifically in the autotrade API, we are required to report fills, but there is no way for us to specify if the fill was real or simulated.


Correct. We filter out all API and Gen1 AutoTrade fill reports. This execution data is not included in the AutoTrade results for exactly the reason you surmise: we can’t rely on the reporting software to accurately determine if a fill is in a real or simulated account.

We filter out all API and Gen1 AutoTrade fill reports.

Do I understand correct? Are you filtering out all Gen1 fills? You can easy recognize simulation account by account number for some brokers. It might be more logical to filter out only gen1 fills from brokers where you’re not able recognize simulation accounts.


Which is what we do, Eu.

thank you for the clarification.


But the autotrading API doesn’t report the broker account name/number back to C2. In fact, it often doesn’t know such information itself. So effectively all Gen1 fills are ignored for track-record purposes, aren’t they?