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Maybe there is something being over looked. Here is a site for investors, people looking to take there money and make it work for them. I can think of no other way in which this is so obvious. I have posted a system but I consider any money out of my pocket for such a thing an investment in and of it self. As an investor I was dissapointed to not find any numbers relateing to people who are customers. Thou I was verry pleased that there were no false numbers either. Better to have none than have false ones. and as a possible seller of alerts and there fore possible investor in my own system I cannot see forking over $80 to have my system posted. I have done the math on how many people paid the $80 and the figure was just over $5,000 worth ( I also belive that true numbers no matter how bad they may(not that 5k is bad) be or what some one thinks about given such numbers out is never a bad thing. Great job to who ever put this together its a great way to offer people the best of both worlds.Plus I’m sure he gets all the picks for free. As an investor without some numbers how can anyone who has paid the $80 be thought of as a good investor.

Unless you hit the lottery this is as poor of an investment as it can get.Because you have nothing to base you decision on, don’t get me wrong I’m just saying that if I were to put up the money I would make sure that I used this as a home bussiness. If every one knew that they could get $5,000 from the goverment at tax return time You would have alot more than the 80 or so people I found selling a system. If the owner of the site is interested in promoting this part of the bussines e-mail at alanpthomas@comcast.net. Now on the other side I know that for $80 I can make $4,920 from the IRS hows that for a return on your investment. Its pays to know. So what I’m saying is that the owner of this site if he does it at home and does not take the tax breaks hes loosing out on 5k. So if he’s not then I just doubled his money May be thats my free trial for him because theres alot more money to be had from the IRS but he might have to give me a free year or two. He says about 500 systems x 80 = $40,000 even better. basically it would be nice to know how many people sing up to buy a system from an investors view, my point is $80 for $5,000 is never a bad investment so does it really matter how many people sign up when your getting $5k from uncle sam.

Hi Alan,

thank you for posting that, I personally subscribed based on my trust in the owner first, and second that this business kind of makes since to me. I have my owen trading system and I can make money without this business, but since I trade my self, I don’t mind copying my trades in C2, since it does not take me that much time. I personally think that this site could be considered very young, therefore, it is hard to estimate how much successful it can get and for that reason I think posting the number for subscribers who are paying in ever system will be very helpful. The main reason why I invested in this business is that there is tons of companies who sell you their trading signals after manipulating with their trading results to make them better, and this will make alot of people loose money, and the more number of people who loose their money increase, the more people will get interested in this web site especially that the age of systems on this web site will get older and their tracking records will be easier to judge. That was just my point of view and thanks again for bringing that up.

With all regards, Noor

Thank you for your reply. After one day of tradeing With two open positions I am showing a 595% anual gain with a high of 899% so if there are any people looking they should at least take me up on the 7 day trial. I’m going to make a direct request to the manager and see if they can increase the trade amount or atleast let the devloper trade for as long as there free trial is. I still find it hard to fork over $80 for something that has no proven customer base. What I would like is to pay notheing unless you get a subscriber and then maybe pay a percentage each month to the website. That would cover any reservations I have about investing. For me the $80 is better left in my live account where it can make me some money.

Why do you bother to think about $80? It is just $80. If you system is good, $80 is not a big deal at all.

My whole point was that it was hard to tell whether or not it was a good investment. Would you just take $80 and throw it in some stock that showed no real return with no information about the company. I have never met a good investor that would just trow $80 around. If you do your likely to one day make the same mistake and cost yourself more than you can afford. If one is a good investor they take all the possible information and try and make a correct choice. If its just $80 then pay my fees and i’ll give you my picks at a huge saveings I’m 500% annual for just one day of tradeing.