Today wugot has reached 100 trades and win 93% of them

High win ratio is bad when your draw down is high, but Wugot has the lowest draw down percentage among the top 7 systems with over 80 trades and 90% win ratio.
High win ratio is bad when your profit cumulated is low, but Wugot cumulated profit is among the top 10 strategies with the highest win ratio and most number of trades.

High win ratio is bad when you only have 3 to 5 trades and nothing says that you can keep your ratio that high on a decent size number of trades, but Wugot has 100 trades, win 93% of them and over 3 months on C2.

High win ratio is bad when you have a successive, cumulated huge small or huge losses that can eat slowly an account, but Wugot has the lowest average losses among the top 7 systems with high win ratio and over 80 trades.

Haters will always come up with negative words, but a fact is a fact. Wugot is a blessed system and can’t be curse.

We can not promise anything, those are past results and may not be repeated.

We can only encourage you to be part of our team for one of the lowest price among the best systems on c2.

WE welcome all of you.
Thanks for your trust.

Our best wishes to all of the systems and traders on c2, even the haters.

Lejeune Bauvil for Wugot strategy
WUGOT= Worldwide Universal Gold Traders

As a system developer with leading results in my zone I respect your work and wish you continue the good work.

People that say the high win rate is bad are wrong as long as average winners are better or as much as average losses.

Don’t care too much about all the people that say only bad things, it’s show that you goiNg good! Most of then never has subscribers of good results

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Thank you very much and wish you the best as well with your systems. Those who talk can’t show better results at all.If they knew trading is easy, they would waste their time puting their money on a CD at 1.5% a year.

Hi There
Good first 3 months, congratulations
Will join when the system gets a bit older, and are TOS certified (If that will come)


Great. Except the price will surely be $250 at least.

Sure, you have the right to charge whatever you want - that is a matter of priceelasticity. And us - the subscribers judge whether it is worth it.
And I told you my 2 criteria, and upping the subscription fee, really doesn´t change that point of view.

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Hey Lars,

I have not seen any evidence that TOS certified systems outperform systems which are not TOS certified.

In fact, I have subscribed to TOS systems which turned out to be disasters and it did not make me feel any better when the developer lost money along side me.

I could even argue that if a developer has some sense of emotional detachment from the system he or she is trading that performance may be enhanced.


Hey Corey
I haven´t seen that either, nor did I state that.
People are different, and this is just one of my criterias to engage in a system at C2. And you are right, of course a TOS system can burn as well.

I just do not know the steps on how to become a TOS certified and what would be the advantges of becoming one. Do they have over 100 subscribers? If not, t will still be a waste fo my time. Trading is real money game, with our own money, we can mke plenty, plenty, plenty of money since trading is not networking. No need of people to make money. If we expend to others what we have been doing for a while, it is only fo love first and the money second. Having 15 subscribers with even $200 a month is what we often make a day.
WE care for each investor money and we would get hurt as them and even more if we had to lose money. However, we will use care and money mangement to make sure wugot responfd to the need of those who rae in need of a great system.
Many haters make not like our proud, but this would be the last thing that we care.

Absolutely true CoreyR!
Love your profile pic.