A suggestion for new features

What about a comparison of open equity with the data that supports the chart? Take futures income, for hours the equity high has been over $5000 higher than the chart high.

Well no matter how high your real-time equity curve goes the (high) of the Collective2 chart will reflect that when you close your trade(s), no?


If that was the only criteria used all of the time, that would be fine. But yesterday futures income went short silver and gold. At this time the system says to stay short and the open equity is over 111K with the chart showing much less. This leads one to question the accuracy of the chart.

Kurt -

You write: "At this time the … equity is over 111K with the chart showing much less."

Just as an FYI: Charts are not real time. Data points are drawn either periodically, every few hours, or when you close a trade. In your system’s case, I needed to remove the erroneous data point which you previously brought to my attention, which may explain why your chart seemed delayed even more than would be typical.

I’ll force a redraw of your chart in a moment. Hang on -


Hi Matthew,

It would be nice if you could add a small note( under the Collective2 charts) that says something like that "Charts are updated periodically and may or may not reflect current profit or loss"

Yes Jay, a time-stamped chart is an even better solution. Another alternative is to put a small note that simply says: "Chart was updated 45 minutes ago, next update a 3:15 PM EST"

This feature could be helpful for trading systems with a huge open profit not yet reflected on the chart.

I just want to suggest that this is a problem that may not be as pervasive as you think. Systems that have any subscribers are updated quite frequently – sometimes many times per hour.

Brand new systems, without subscribers or visitors, are updated less frequently.