Fake losses on chart?

Just started tracking a new system with fresh stats after working out the bugs in Seetu. I’m seeing something strange. The system only trades during market hours (roughly 9:40 to 15:40 EST), yet the chart shows a big drop overnight around midnight. The trade log shows no activity during that period, and all positions were closed hours before.


Anyone had this sort of experience?

Now that is really odd! I just posted about the drop, and linked the system for reference, and the little preview C2 generates doesn’t show the drop! I’m at a loss.


  1. You are looking at a chart for a brand-new system a few days old. So you are looking at hour-by-hour details, which is not really generally appropriate chart accuracy.

  2. Charts are accurate with several-hour latency. The reason you saw a drop a few hours after you closed your trade is because we finally “got” to your chart and updated it with latest equity. This sort of several-hour latency will not be noticeable once you have more than a few days history in your strategy.

  3. Regarding chart frequency/latency: strategies with actual subscribers, more investor interest/views, etc. get updated more frequently. Charts for strategies that are essentially empty have slightly longer latency.

  4. Thumbnails are cached and updated only periodically. (And granularity is much higher - not as much detail)

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Thanks for the insight, Matthew. Very helpful… I may have missed it, but if you guys have the dev time you might consider a little modal popup with this information near the chart. It makes total sense.

C2 factor commissions at 2 am ET , so if the previous session you made alot of trades , commissions are discounted at the update at 2-3 am ET .