Active vs Alive Systems


What is the difference between an "Active" system and a "Alive" system.

As an example, under my vendor name I see 1 Active system and 2 Alive systems

Thank you

You write: "under my vendor name I see 1 Active system and 2 Alive systems."

I do not know where you see this information. Please tell me exactly where I can find it, and once I know what you are referring to, I’ll try to answer your question.

Click on "Dashboard", then there is a section called "My Systems".

There are labels called Alive, Active, Owned, and All.


Were you able to find the area I am describing? What is the difference between Active and Alive?

There is no area that says "Alive." There is an area that lets you choose among: "Active", "Owned," "Subscribed" and "All."

Active is systems that have had a trade recently.

Owned is systems you own.

Subscribed is systems you have subscribed to.

All is all of the above.

Below is the area in question from my dashboard.

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My Systems Alive (2)Owned (3) Active (0) All (3)

As you can see, "Alive" is one of the categories. My guess is that "Alive" is the number of systems that have paid the C2 fee. Now that you have defined the "Active", I think I see the difference.

Thank you.