Still Confident on 30% Target for This Month, Killer Option Strategy on the "GO"


  • I wrote this amazing robot on the MQ4 system and it trades on Meta-trade;
  • Tested it in number of previous Months and got very good results;
  • I am running this robot on VPS so it is always trading and will never stop trading even when I am not on my computer or sleeping :zzz:, so trading is guaranteed.
  • I then used the platform transmits service from to merge the trades on my VPS with my Account so I am not putting trade manually it happens automatically on both meta trader and Collective2 account hance this good results,

Big Maximum Draw Down
Apologies for the huge drawdown it was really not necessary, the causes are:

  • Margin on meta trade (My Broker) is not the same as in and I was not aware of this, most of my trade on meta trade where triggered to subsidize the losing trade but they were not triggered on so I got a lot of this messages:

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  • So my meta trade account was on profit but the account was on losses
  • So, i had to recalculate and balance my lot size to accommodate the Collective2 Margin and this took some time hence you see no movement on the strategy after the drawdown.
  • I managed to balance out the size and the strategy started to reflect correctly from the meta trade robot.

So I am not Expecting this huge drawdown in future and that’s for sure!!!


  • This strategy is 40 days old but it is doing wonders :racehorse:
  • It is currently Number one :one: leading strategy in the last 30 days leading the second strategy with more than 50

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  • The strategy to currently at 15,2% on this month alone and is still going :horse_racing:
  • I am expecting more than 30% on this strategy this month.



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No one ever is…

23.7% to date :horse_racing::horse_racing::horse_racing: Approaching the Target…

:boom::boom:Killer Option Strategy :boom: :boom:

30% target applies to only this month or do you aim to achieve that every month?

Only this Month, Other months Will depend to the Market Movement, and Will be More or Less then 30%…