After TOS, can leader still enter signal manually?

I am looking at the TOS Detail info of some strategies. And I found that “# trading signals issued by system since certification” is different from “# trading signals executed in manager’s IB (Direct Connection) account”. Can anyone explain the difference? Thank you.

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If you click on the badge you can see % scale and % follow I believe it is called. I know they can be different because I have done it with my strategy DIVERSE before. Basically I wanted the TOS badge but didn’t want to hold the conservative stuff in the strategy like bonds in the particular account that was auto trading. So I started autotrading at say 5% scale. Then I closed out of the bond positions which left enough money that I could increase my stock and volatility trades to close to 10% scale. Currently I don’t have TOS on DIVERSE.

I have also had lower than 100% follow just from small errors like, I didn’t have quite enough equity to match all trades of NOT YOUR FATHERS VIX so I think it shows about a 93% follow factor. A follow % of 90 or higher is required for TOS.

There are definitely some ways the system could be manipulated intentionally or just incidentally, but for the most part a TOS badge is a good sign that the person is self invested in my experience.

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Hi Jinhao,

I’m on TOS with my strategy Regular Income (, which means I still enter all my trades manually via the C2 Trade Entry. Then the order is transferred to my IB account which I’m autotrading my own strategy with.
I don’t know what would happen if I’d autotrade my strategy at 50%. I assume it would result in margin issues and trades wouldn’t become executed in my IB account. So that’s not my goal.
If there is a small difference in the number of trades with TOS that might be cause by having a few trades not autotraded in the beginning when a strategy started and autotrading was set up.

Hope that answers your question.

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Also system who sell option, then get assigned c2 doesn’t count that as a TOS trade. My system I trade 100% TOS since inception, but it said 20% of my trades are not “followed” that’s because when the option gets assignment, and it was not enter in IB or manually inputted in c2 it didn’t count.

It started at 99% and it seem to drop 1% a month for me due to option assignments.

But there are systems out there who will trade paper money at start. Try to get 100-400% gain first few months. Once they gain subscribers they start trade very conservatively and only deposit partial balance to make small trade to claim 100% TOS badge. If u start with 25k and got to 100k on paper money, then deposit 40k into IB. You can still get 100% TOS as long as u make trade no larger than 80k. (Due to 40k in IB usually u can clear 60-80k w/ margin worth of trades.)