Allow Discretionary trading in a single IBKR account

Ho @MatthewKlein. Wondering if we can have a mechanism to provide for discretionary trading alongside system trading in a single IBKR account.

At present I need to have two IBKR sub-accounts which causes me the following issues

  1. Need to maintain two accounts at Portfolio Margin levels
  2. My forex Long and short exposure ends up spread across two accounts. This means that The break levels for margin and credit interest (e.g. if I am Long 90k AUD in each of my accounts I am earning interest in neither whereas if I can consolidate I can earn interest on $80k of that
  3. My portfolio positions between C2 systems and personal trading do not net out reducing my margin cushion

I would obviously love to be able to simply trade in TraderWorkstation but that would require AutoSync to be changed. An easier approach might be to provide me with a “free” hidden single system TradeLeader account and I can just use your web UI.

Anything you can do please?

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It would be pretty easy to for c2 to do this. Right now for example someone could create a c2 system that’s private and that he only subscribes to. And then the manual trades he wants to do do, he can enter for that system in C2. Since he is subscribed to that system, those trades will be sent to his trading account.

@MatthewKlein Basically C2 can just give all the autotraders a private system called “manual trading” to place manual trades. It makes no sense why C2 does not offer this.

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Anyone able to comment from C2?

I’ve managed to accomplish what you are asking for by turning off the auto-sync feature of the autotrader. The way to do this is to manually place a trade directly in your brokerage (TWS) account. C2 will then notice this has occurred, send you a warning and turn off the auto-sync feature of the autotrader. The only caveat is that you have to watch your own account to keep it in sync, but it won’t affect any subs you may have that can still use the auto-sync feature.Also too if you only send market orders instead of limit orders then the auto-sync problem goes away.

Asking @MatthewKlein again to see if he has any input to this?

OK. Status update from me. I tried the self help option of creating Trade-Leader account and doing it there…You can set the number of permitted subscribers to 0 in order to hide the strategy… so that’s the good news… The bad news…


  1. C2 doesn’t provide a Customer Portfolio Margin model ( which means that I ran into margin model constraints straight away with orders that offset 90% due to being in the same CPM Product Groups…
  2. So, maybe I should rescale the account to some large number to effectively disable margin checks on my orders. i.e. avoid any 1:2 margin check completely…
    a. Cannot rescale system size on trial account
    b. Maximum account model size is $250k
    c. To get that $250k account size you need to be paying $99/mo

Have sent a support ticket. WIll update here with progress…

I guess I could autotrade my account at 1000% scaling and then just scale down my trades in the system… but it’s gonna start to really do my head in getting the numbers right I suspect.