1000% gains, consistent profit

I have been on the platform for about 60+ days and have returned more than anyone on it. yet no one stays long enough when they sub because my risk tolerance is high.

sad to see.

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‘consistent profit’ - your account went from 309,000 to 79,000…say no more . Anyone who bases an 'investment ’ decision on anything less than 6 months of trading is just wishful thinking, as could just be a lucky streak.


lucky streak ha! so for the past 60 days I just got lucky lol

Yep - some providers are lucky for 2 years before the system collapses…there are no guarantees…all you can do is try and control the downside risk…and many investors look at how you manage risk before the possible returns…


Massive leverage.
Massive drawdowns.

That’s why no one subscribes. Just a matter of time before it’s zero. Simple.


OMG!! 74.9% DRAWDOWN!? - No Way I’m letting my 100K sink to 25K and HOPE The Trade Recovers. People on C2 are trading REAL MONEY. This system is too Risky.


How long would a new August subscriber take to recover the loss. Lets see how long it takes to recover the -39% if that was the case.

Might not take long with that kind of leverage. Could be up or down 50% in a day, etc.

System has zero chance of long term survival.

It’s really quite a lovely equity curve right now… if the leverage were dropped by a factor of 100x or more. Perhaps you should consider a parallel strategy that is toned down in the leverage department so that it won’t or can’t so easily blow up. Nobody here investing at C2 seems to really want 1000% annual gains when they come with the kind of downside risk that return requires. But scaled down with the leverage, an equity curve like yours could look warm and fuzzy after a couple months. Good luck here.

What’s the line between a legitimate attempt at an unconventional strategy and a scam strategy?

This is a good question for a whole new post on the forum, rather than here in a specific strategy post. But to get you started, @DogZebra_Investing has addressed this issue many times, I’d suggest following his comment thread through the years.

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Let me know how it goes autotrading it. :popcorn:

I had two live subs totaling over $200k in AUM turned it to around $450k in a matter of weeks for them, they unsubbed because of the way I trade and my risk tolerance, they could not handle it.

My strategy is not for the faint hearted.

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12 days later…it seems like 12 days,

@EP_Capital, why don’t you have it on TOS? If you are so confident in the strategy then even trading 10 contracts with the strategy on TOS should bring in clients. (Just a suggestion). TOS is trade own system.

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I know what is it, I don’t want to change brokers(interactive brokers sucks and I already have answered this question probably like 10 times already) I take the same trades I take on my account.

I already managed real funds on the platform, Over $450K at one point.

You want to see my broker statement too? what about my trade journal?

Each trader is different with different risk to reward factors, it’s ultimately up to you to make the decision how much risk you are willing to put up physically and non.

once the platform accepts my broker I would be more than willing to connect my account, until then It will stay how it is

also tell me how High Frequency Algo does not have TOS and gets more subs than I do?

TOS is not the issue, I can trade and can prove it. I’m on course to surpass the other account by October in terms of ROI.

we do not have much of a difference besides a lower drawdown & higher ROI (which I will surpass)

Yeah, not when compared to the other guy. As for why he has more subs - he has what looks like a more stable equity curve (still crazy tho), perhaps uses less leverage, and has a track record twice as long.

But TOS gives you legitimacy and will certainly lead to subscriber growth. If you are managing large amounts it should not be an issue to go TOS. Any costs to set up are minimal if you have the capital you say you have.

There have been probably hundreds of fly-by-night options/forex/futures traders that showed epic returns over 3, 6, 9 months, even several years here. Almost none were TOS and pretty much all crash and burn eventually. Thus the skepticism.

Do you and don’t worry about TOS(trades your own system) of 142 TOS Systems, 99 ARE NEGATIVE and 10 are under 10% profit. 70% are in the RED. It gives subscribers a false sense of security.

Now do Non-TOS accounts…