1000% gains, consistent profit

I have been on the platform for about 60+ days and have returned more than anyone on it. yet no one stays long enough when they sub because my risk tolerance is high.

sad to see.

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ā€˜consistent profitā€™ - your account went from 309,000 to 79,000ā€¦say no more . Anyone who bases an 'investment ā€™ decision on anything less than 6 months of trading is just wishful thinking, as could just be a lucky streak.


lucky streak ha! so for the past 60 days I just got lucky lol

Yep - some providers are lucky for 2 years before the system collapsesā€¦there are no guaranteesā€¦all you can do is try and control the downside riskā€¦and many investors look at how you manage risk before the possible returnsā€¦

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Massive leverage.
Massive drawdowns.

Thatā€™s why no one subscribes. Just a matter of time before itā€™s zero. Simple.


OMG!! 74.9% DRAWDOWN!? - No Way Iā€™m letting my 100K sink to 25K and HOPE The Trade Recovers. People on C2 are trading REAL MONEY. This system is too Risky.

How long would a new August subscriber take to recover the loss. Lets see how long it takes to recover the -39% if that was the case.

Might not take long with that kind of leverage. Could be up or down 50% in a day, etc.

System has zero chance of long term survival.