Annoying Pop Up

Anyone know how to stop the annoying popup re notifications…

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Which ones are you talking about?

We’d like to show you notifications for the latest news…
Constantly coming up how do you stop it?

That’s a chrome thing I believe.

I get it too and do use chrome, but only get it when I visit collective2.

Yep, also if someone sends me a message I get the same pop-up again and again, especially if I have multiple chrome tabs open for C2

(1) Go to GENERAL ACCOUNT SETTINGS from top right…
(2) Click on “Tips” tab.
(3) Click the switch: “Global OFF: no help tips will be shown to you whatsoever”
Seems to be working so far (firefox/chrome)

Personally I want to see the tips, site news, notifications of new messages ONCE.
Turning them off completely isn’t a real solution.