Another day another scammer

message speaks for itself, anyone else get this message?

Perfect, this user is accusing me of scammer when I can certify that the strategy has had those numbers since 30/7. Obviously those numbers are not every month, but it has been a very good month with a lot of volatility, that’s why these are results. If users are interested, soon I will activate this strategy so you can follow it in demo and see the results obtained month by month. But to criticize something that you didn’t see or couldn’t prove is very serious.


Just to be clear, this ‘user’ insisted we go onto skype to share the details. I suggested that s/he create a topic in the forum and post whatever results s/he wanted to share here. I doubt we’ll see that but feel free to share whatever it is you wanted to share with me HERE! … and since when is it appropriate to message someone with outrageous claims and attempt to get a conversation going outside of this forum regarding trade results. Perhaps Mathew can chime in here, if in fact it’s ok to solicit the way this ‘user’ did, then I will apologize and retract my comments … waiting on Judge Mathew for a verdict as to the appropriateness of this situation …

Normally people here don’t work with swing systems. I think it can be a great opportunity for people to see a particular strategy and approach with a controlled risk before taking positions. If I have asked people if they would be interested it is to know if it would be worth activating the strategy or not. I didn’t work, nor did I ever visualize this forum I had never entered until you mentioned it, so I didn’t know by what means I could demonstrate how this strategy works. As seen I will activate the strategy and the results can be seen by any user and evaluate its performance.

I know that it works, and very well, only that people have prejudices with swing strategies, it is understandable that maybe they did not work with solid strategies. However you will not be accepted in any of my strategy models.

Therefore, I will soon activate this model and then you will be free to make any criticism about it perfectly. Everything will be taken into

Thank you very much and greetings

Since you are a new member of Collective2, you may not have been aware of how we do things here.

At Collective2, the way to promote a strategy is to actually have a track record validated by Collective2. So: start your strategy on Collective2, build your track record, and let the results speak for themselves. Do not solicit people on Collective2 to buy a strategy that is not on Collective2. If you continue to spam, either via private messages or public forum posts, I’ll need to remove your account.

But if you’re willing to abide by these rules, I welcome you to our community.