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New Strategy, "Follow Me 2.2019" From Ant



I would like to offer You my new system. We’ve been trading for 10 years. Now I would like to offer my new strategy called “Follow Me 2.2019”.
For Us controlling risks is a Nr 1.
We use a money managing system.




It is necessary to prohibit advertising strategies under 3 months. Now on C2 = 594 stratigi are available in the rating, those who are younger than 90 days have = 231 of them (80% of these strategies will lose 100% before their 90 days). Why publish them? Need to ban it.

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Really? You mean like this one below, when your strategy was barely a month old?
What a hypocrite.


Also permanent posting ban on users who hijack other threads for only to promote their strategies.



I did not give links to my systems here.


If this would be prohibited. I would not write it. But at least a 3 month ban is necessary. Half of the strategies do not live here and 3 months. Why advertise them here and spoil the image of this service. But I understand money and business more important.


I see. Now that your system is over 3 months old, no one else should be allowed to do what you did. Got it. Thanks for clarification.

Let’s leave this guy (or “guys” according to him) alone and let him build his track record. We don’t even know what he is trading yet (looks like stocks).


You are not right. It’s not about my system. And in what is happening now. This spoils the image of the entire project C2. 80% of systems do not live here until 3 months. Why publish them and get money from the client? There must be an incubator - for 3 months you can be public, or do your own publicity.


@MAP Please be so nice and follow your words - remove postings about your new system “MAP Capital Investment” since it is younger than 3 months. If you don’t do this, than please keep your opinion with yourself and don’t spam.


There is a sir! Sir will be done! Allow me to perform Sir!


Thought you are doing serious business here, but was wrong. Sorry, man.

PS Please don’t spam me in PM anymore. Enough read you on the forum to make a conclusion.

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You mean like dog zebra. I agree.

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This is humor. Good. I will not touch you anymore.


Look who’s back! Our old friend! Once again, adds nothing useful to the forum but just bashes me for whatever reason.

Yeah I’m frequently hijacking threads to promote my strategies… lol.


Thread closed. Please keep it professional.

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  1. Will anyone care what I’m about to say?
  2. Am I saying something mean or negative? If so, is there a constructive, respectful way to say it?

If the answer to these questions is “no,” refrain from posting on C2 forums.


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