Avacado Wealth : We just launched our day trading strategy

We just launched our day trading strategy. Check it out.

That is awesome that you made it Trades-Own-System!

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The day trading system heavily relies on market trimmings. Hence broker transit trades are the only way to go. TOS comes free when you broker transit trades. once again it’s not required for any system developer.

Your link is set to private. Is that intentional?

Here is the performance graph link:

I didn’t realize you were looking my strategy so closely or I would have send you an email. Yep it’s off for few weeks until we resolve our latency issue in day trading strategy.

Thanks for sharing Mr NextLevelTarder. and promise me you will be keep on sharing all my strategy performance link here.
Yep it’s off for few weeks until we resolve our latency issue in day trading strategy.

You don’t need to email me. I would not say I am looking “so closely.” You posted to the forums. But I am looking and would certainly be interested in a day trading strategy if the performance got better.

Absolutely. We are getting new VPS server close to CME and resume trading with platform transit trades in few days.

Instead of asking for empty promises just not have your strategy on private, simple right…

Why do you care? You are not my subscriber. Focus on your strategy and declining user base.

You’re the one coming at me Mr Avacado. I simply provided another poster with relevant information to their statement. Rather than addressing that concern you deflect and attack others. I’m happy with my strategies and subscribers at this point being less than a year on C2. Nobody on the Old Timers list is achieving 400% a year, but maybe you are the first right?


Oh yeah, and I am happy about our achievements.

The second one might cross the 400 mark in a few weeks.

What’s your strategy ?

Oh I imagine that if your system requires a VPS server close to CME to work that it won’t work well for subscribers since it seems timing would be so critical. Surely if you need a VPS server then by the time that C2 would pass orders to AutoTraders they would be having problems. Right?



We will wait and see after resuming our platform transit trades. We will test with C2 before offering it to clients.

You are into premium collecting straddle and straggle options strategies. Fairly underperforming for C2. No one should invest in slow strategies like this and expose them self with options. A simple index fund will return more than this underperforming strategy.

Again more attacks and more deflecting. Too many trade leaders on here swing for the fences and go for home runs and grand slams by getting 400% yearly returns. For some odd reason they aren’t around after a few years. I’m perfectly happy hitting doubles and RBIs. Good day!


:face_with_monocle: Just sayin.


@NextLevelTrader made a comment on this thread to be helpful to others and this is a good thing for our forum. And his results are quite impressive, actually. Maintaining low drawdown and relatively low leverage while still having his performance shows patience and skill.

Attacking other traders will not likely get you any long term followers. Your trading behavior shows a tendency towards very high leverage and, not surprisingly, massive drawdown & margin calls. Your posts are remining me of this thread: Soft Power: https://collective2.com/details/132181662

At some point it is almost certain that your results will be the same (complete disaster).