New Dashboard Improvements

I’ve made some new Dashboard improvements.

The main one being that it actually works now. That is, now you use it the way it was meant to be used - you can click on systems or people and drill down to see more details about either.

Whereas the previous popup windows frustratingly vanished when you used your mouse to move around the screen, they now stay put.

So please give it another try and report to me results/opinions/feedback.

Thanks - Matthew

I take it this will replace the chat? Also one-click login (remember login) will be rolling into the New Dash???

Yes. But, how do I go directly to my system detail page after immediate login? I can’t do it unless I use the search box. Can you give us a direct link to our systems on the dashbord once we login to collective2?

There are links to your systems in the My Systems area. It’s toward the top of the new Dashboard in the second column. Click on your system and you’ll see a bunch of choices for your system, including going to the Details page.

Just click on your system in “MY SYSTEMS” and then upper right corner “System details” - that leads you directly to the desired system page.
I think thats fair enough as some people manage multiple systems.

Doesn’t Work.
There is one link in the my ‘My Systems’ box. The link says: ‘Find a system?’ I click on that and it takes me to the Find a Trading System page. There are no other links in my ‘My Systems’ box.

Oh I see the problem! Your system is supposedly “not visible to the public.” So it’s also not visible to you, at least not in the new My Systems area. Give me an hour and I’ll fix it. Good catch of an amazing bug.

Never mind. I figured it out. The indicator on the top right of the My Systems box says I had the link hidden from view. I was able to unhide it. Sorry about that.

OK, so that wasn’t the bug, then. But it’s still good feedback. I’ll change the text to say something like “All systems hidden” to remind you what’s going on.


Dashboard won’t scroll down.