Anybody here make good money on selling system?

My system made more than 200% return after almost 2 months. However I did not get one subscriber, even for trial purpose. My system got more than 500 veiws for 2 months so it is somewhat hot system. So I really doubt anybody can make good money on selling system signals.

There’s good reasons why you have no susbcribers and it has nothing to do with C2.

Did you make good money on selling system signal here? If not, you can not make such comment.

I just realized you claim you as a PhD. Is it real? Your post is lack of basic logic which a PhD should have.

I am closing this thread before it devolves into further name-calling and insults. Money Grubber, my gentle advice is to focus on your systems and to quietly build their performance. Good things will come from that.