Anything other than Interactive Brokers?

Everytime I try to input my account it directs me to setup a Interactive Broker account. What about FXCM, Gain or any other Forex brokers.


We show Interactive Brokers by default, because it’s the C2 Preferred Broker, and because it trades all instruments in one single account (stocks, options, futures, forex).

But all our Gen3 C2-compatible brokers are great, and we love them all, really we do, each and every one, the way a mother loves each of her children.

To see the list of all compatible brokers, click the link in the upper-right corner that says “Show all compatible brokers.”

Yes I agree Interactive Brokers is a great brokerage if you have a very large account. However it is so difficult to navigate through the website to sign up in to anything other than IB. While this may be good to market for your preferred broker it creates a feeling that only large accounts ($20,000+) are wanted on C2.