API Execution Issue

Hi Matthew,

We use the API to enter all trades, but occasionally a trade will show up as ‘Emailed, trade pending’. My understanding of this is that the email would have been sent, but the system did not assign an execution price to it. Why does this happen? The most recent was a BTC for 100 HANS opened on 6/16/2005. Could you please fix this?

Your help is much appreciated.


Rahim: You are right that this should not happen. I manually fixed that pending trade (using the price recorded by the server the moment the trade was entered.)

But if you notice that happen again, please alert me. Market orders should be filled instantly. If there is a problem with the quote feed, or if there is a huge backlog of orders, then market orders will get queued up (but the bid/ask spread is recorded at the instant the order is entered, so you will be filled at the correct execution price). Thus, at busy periods, it may take a few minutes for the trade to appear as filled on your screen.

However, if a market order is sitting there for more than, say, twenty minutes, then please alert me and I will try to figure out the reason why.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Hi Mattew,

This problem has happened today also on 2 (API) trades today: HANS and USU - both show as ‘Emailed, trade pending’. The one for HANS, I just manually closed the trade via a browser, but the USU I did not see until I went into the control panel a few minutes ago, so I have not rectified it. I have saved the error text the system got back from the HTTP request and will email it to you (it is a Internal Error 500). If you can take a look at this and fix the USU buy to open that would be great.

Thanks for your help.

Rahim Mawji