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Asymmetry and Chaos Program


Goodness this is just devolving into pure chaos.

(pun intended)


Trolling have been detected.


Haven’t you received a ban yet for being a counterproductive member of this society?

I’m about to move Matt here to move you out of here, as you are the cause of 2 topics closing down already. Now shut your trollish behaviour and please move back to the topic!


What is useful with this comment?!


Dog zebra and you should get banned from the community, making fun of every developer and system with sarcastic remarks. Check every thread in the forums you will see your posts in them.


Dog Zebra shows many great valid points and focus every detail trades, therefore, he can raise any concerns that investors may have. I just remember, u can not answer directly regarding how many total contracts that A strategy YM had used in the past. (I know what is the right answer , you dont have to defend ur opinion and absolutely , I can get conclusion how you analyze for any issue in the trades or markets)

If Dog Zebra should get banned from the community, he still can use a different user name to get involve in any forum. It will be more productive to barred developers that showing con Artist for example, using transaction in and out for short period time ( between 1-2 minutes), using small acct and trade huge contracts , etc.

My suggestion, please dont attack Dog zebra for personal issue, challenge the ideas and act professional.


Its funny you mention ym strategy because dog zebra defended that system which apparently is a martingale system and many investors have lost money in it the last month.

It is ironic how you want to criticize and bash others meanwhile you dont want others to criticize you.


My friend, I bet dog zebra is stil laughing with you, you still misinterpret the whole conversation. He doesn’t defense that strategy, he wants to emphasize, you still can’t count how many total that strategy had used it at that time.
Well, this is easy conversation, I just hope, you don’t misinterpret for every conversation in the future. You are as a developer, please produce something meaningful for this community , just make sure you don’t misinterpret the trend, it will come up very costly.


Haha it doesnt matter we are not here to be argumentive. He said ym strategy isnt martingale and it doesn’t trade more than 8 lots. I said its a martingale strategy and warned against it and said it trades more than 8 lots. I was right he was wrong. Investors lost a ton load of money in tgis strategy after our discussion.



I said he never had more than 8 lots open at a time. Which was absolutely correct at that time. I never touted his system or said anyone should invest. I just saw people like you claiming he had 20-25 contracts open, which was blatantly wrong and you’ll never admit, which is sad. I’ve already stated this but @LRCManagement never listens, he just shouts at the sky in anger for some reason.

@sam_w thanks for the props. But this guy never responds directly.
Shocked Matthew has allowed him to remain.



Tell that to yourself.


@MatthewKlein not sure what else to do about this guy. Up to you. I’m done responding to him.


I respectfully ask this discussion about another strategy to be moved to another thread please.


Scale up complete. Going forward, generally will use <50% margin/equity.
Lately markets are volatile without “trendiness” which led to a lot of whipsaws - a dangerous place to take big positions. The profit profile of macro trading is one of Texas hold’em poker - lots of small losses with an occasional big pot. The approach is to get in lots of feelers, try not get in too deep low-conviction pots, and make sure not to lose many big pots.
Regrettably we lost a big pot recently in the form of long crude. It cannot happen again.


Fabulous. At least you won’t be over leveraged to the hilt and can now allow for some equity swings without looking like a disaster.

Lately markets have been very volatile. Good luck.

Btw…do you use technical analysis with your trades?


I do but not much and usually as confirmation tool and entry exit points. Technicals sometimes drive trades but there should always be fundamental reasons, which may not be known at the time.