Autotrade demo test - hasn't traded?

I’m subscribed to TRENDSETTER, and practicing autotrade using GainCapital (demo).

However, my balance on the autotrade screen at collective2 has remained the same, as if no trades have happened. The same thing at the GainCapital site when I login.

What have a I done wrong?

I’ll forward your post to the folks at BulldogFX, who manage the Gain interface, and ask them to look at this.

Since I only need

Gen2 FOREX autotrade from UK funding,

I thought I’d try IFX as well as FXCM and GainCapital. Here’s how I’m getting on with autotrading.


I’m still not confident it’s working. I have to be sure everything is working ok before I use real funds.

To examine what is happening I’m using:

- the Trade Record on the Trendsetter page (last trade on the 26th as delayed records, but this does show that something should be happening),

- the Autotrade page (one with emergency stop buttons) - Some change in balance from >$2500 to $2500 but it doesn’t seem clear as day.

- and the IB Reports v2.0 on (which says no order history, no open positions and no historical open positions).

I’m wondering if the Act # is somehow wrong.

How I got on with other brokers:

IFX: The account signup page timeouts following submission of my signup details (address).

FXCM: will need to run their trading platform to get my account number. This will be my next option to try. I will have to use their Java platform as .exe’s are firewalled here.

Still not trading, and it’s income day today. I’ll have to transfer funds to my managed fund if I can’t get it working. GainCapital demo account still doesn’t seem to be trading. Is there someone else I can speak to?

I need you to contact BulldogFX, since they are the broker. Let me ask them to contact you. Please email me your best contact info (phone or email) and I’ll have someone from Bulldog get in touch. (

All is good. Trading began 19:48:33 2008/6/25. Thanks BulldogFX.