Autotrade status: 3 days now

I’m trading my system through a live account which I remember was activated for autotrading very fast.

1. As a test now I subscribed for demo trading along with some subscribers to get an idea what they would see… yet…it’s been 3 days now and still no activity in the FXCM trading station or confirmation by the broker. (many trades have been closed so I should be able to see them) Via C2 the P/L button says 'no executions for…4

2. As a demo trader I remember you were not allowed to see open trades in the FXCM station to prevent misuse of signals… yet you see real time trades opening in C2??? (in my case specific moments each day)

Regarding 1: email me your account information. Sounds like the broker did not properly set up your account so that C2 could connect to it. (

Regarding 2: We cannot prevent subscribers from seeing the open positions in their brokerage accounts, nor would we want to.

Records at Bulldogfx show the demo never got started, sorry to say. Here’s why… FXCM provides an “FXCM ID” number to open up the trading platform, but that “FXCM ID” is not the 8-digit Bulldogfx demo account number you need to setup up autotrading. 2 different numbers. One gets you into the trading platform; one sets up auotrading. Try again please. In order to get a demo going, simply go to or and register online.

Hi Chris,

Martijn here (aka John Test, as -well-, a test client account).

I know these numbers are different… meanwhile however I figured out I just mistyped the number. There goes my reputation for 2010 :-DD

Wasn’t Einstein dislectic? :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help and thank you Matthew.

To be sure… in case that ‘joke’ didn’t work out… I know it’s "dyslexic."