Signal Delays

It seems the C2 site is having problems today. My autotrading client dropped the connection several times, and even when it was connected the signals were delayed by several minutes. I finally had to shut down autotrading for the day. Anyone else have these problems? Matthew, is the site just overloaded from it being a volatile day in the market?



I had the same big problem today!

That’s why I was asking for a way to resend the signals.

Yes, the database was overloaded today, and I am looking into why this happened. I shut down some background processes that were eating CPU cycles, and the site is faster now. To answer your question, I am not sure that market volatility was the cause of this morning’s problems. It may have been something unrelated.

I will investigate and, once I have some answers, try to prevent this from recurring. As of 1:06 pm ET things seem okay.

I still am having problems here…

I am having the same problem as well. My autotrading client has been missing several signals throughout the day. The problem seems to have started earlier in the week and has been getting progressively worse. Hopefully it will be resolved soon.