Autotrade OEC (OX) Securities


Can you check the autotrade I set up today for OEC (OX) securities. My open positions shows zero and the text say "OEC Futures". Should say OEC Equities (or maybe OX). The account number listed is in fact OEC Equities, not OEC futures.


Hi, Gregg:

The AutoTrade setup on your part was just fine. The problem was that we didn’t receive electronic notification from OpenECry that your account was ready to start trading until after the stock market closed today. You will begin trading at tomorrow’s market open.

Finally, the issue you raised, in which the drop-down menu said OpenECry (Futures) for your account, when it should have said OpenECry (Equities), has now been fixed.



If not too time consuming, could you add the Server2 option to OEC that now exists for OX?

Since they are so closely related, I’m surmising that it might be a fairly quick process.

Thank you,