Autotrading C2 Gateway


I’ve always paid $.047 commission per MES contract at IB. I’ve started autotrading at IB last Friday and everything was fine.
But today on Monday I suddenly had to pay $1.07 per MES contract .

So I contacted IB and this is what they said:

It appears that you have previously requested to link to the ibroker C2 Gateway for account UXXXXXX, and this is effective from weekend. Regarding commission charged, as the account is under C2 Gateway, please contact them directly for clarification. Thank you.

So for me it seems that C2 (Gateway) collects as an ibroker $0.60 per MES contract plus the monthly autotrading fee.

I hope this is an error !!

Anybody else having this issue ?

Hi FuturesInc - C2 Gateway is an introducer for IB. It can be used only by non-USA people. I will reach out to you directly to discuss.