Autotrading multiple system in same OX account

Can I autotrade more than one system in an account?

I have set up ETF Timer at my OX account, but when I go to set up MVP-3 with the same account, the text changes to ETF Timer even though I had selected MVP-3.

It used to be possible to trade multiple systems in the past…

Please let me know.

regards, bert

You can definitely autotrade as many systems as you like within one brokerage account. Sounds like there’s a little bug in the AutoTrade setup wizard (which I will make sure gets corrected) which causes the system name to stick around when you try to set up a second system immediately after the first.

My suggestion for how to work around this is: log out of C2, then log back in, then set up AutoTrading for the second system. In the meantime I will try to get to the bottom of the bug you have reported. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi Matthew,

One more question: The autotrade wizard states that the maximum that can be traded is the maximum dollar amount in the system. The the user can scale downward the amount traded to match the maximum the want to trade, e.g. 10%. It is possible to scale it UP? E.g. 200% if I have more to trade than the maximum in the system?

I’ll try adding MVP3.

thx bert

Yes, you can scale up.

Question to clarify some confusion I have - Say I am trading 2 systems in the same account:

System 1 does not use margin

System 2 uses up 20% margin (on occasion) - It’s MVP-3

To set this up correctly with autotrading against the same account would I allocate 50% to system 1 and 70% to system 2?

When a trade comes for system 2, I would think it would automatically use all 70% - what I really want is for it to use 50% and only use the second 20% if there is a margin trade.

What happens if I simply say 50% to both systems? What happens when System 2 uses margin?