Autotrading resumption question

After subscribing to a swing trading system I enabled auto trading as I would not be able to place trades during work hours. After I found autotrading to be disabled, I manually closed out part of a position related to a signal that was published. I did this through my broker and not through C2. (I had access to my phone with email but not web access)

In C2 autotrading I’ve updated all my information to reflect the password changes. My current position however includes the partial position that I closed through my brokerage (and not through C2).

My question is this: If the autotrading is re-enabled, I would assume the position in C2 tries to replicate what the prior signal was in order to sort of ‘catch up’? Which could cause the actual trade position to be out of sync with the autotrading current position on C2. Is there a way to modify the current position in C2 to correct this change?


C2 will compare your real brokerage position with what you "should have" in your account, and will automagically bring you into sync. In other words, there is nothing you need to do. Once you turn AutoTrading on, the rest will happen automatically.

what happens if you trade multiple strategies on the same symbol the same time, manual and automatic?

lets say you do some autotrading from c2 and on the same account some manual trading through your own software…?

sounds like this aint possible?

You can AutoTrade multiple C2 systems in one brokerage account, even if the systems trade the same symbol, and even if they trade that symbol in opposite directions.

But it sounds like that is not exactly what you are asking, and, rather, you want to know whether you can AutoTrade C2 systems at the same time that you trade a set of “manual” positions (i.e. self-initiated positions) in your brokerage account. Right now, for Gen3 AutoTrading, that isn’t possible. You need to dedicate your account to either AutoTrading or manual trading.

The good news is that most of the Gen3 brokers we work with have easy processes to set up multiple accounts, so that you can – with relatively little hassle – set up both an AutoTrading account and a “manual” account.

thank you matthew…

Matthew et al,

Trading multiple systems the following scenario occurred in my accounts on numerous occasions:one model goes long and another short the same market with the long and short positions overlapping in time.

The AutoTrader buys the appropriate number of long and short ETFs or futures. Why not instead buy a net position for these two (or more) models? This would accomplish two goals as I see it: reduce transaction fees and reduce impact on the market. I realize that software would need to be modified to accomplish this.

Thanks and a Happy New Year!



This is one reason - besides the large fee C2 charges for OEC trades - that I do all my auto trading at IB via TB where there is no problem to do manual trading in the same account.

>Why not instead buy a net position for these two (or more) models? This would accomplish two goals as I see it: reduce transaction fees and reduce impact on the market.

I don’t think buying a net position makes sense regardless of whether it reduces transaction fess and impact on market, not to mention that it is impractical to implement except maybe for EOD trading for which autotrading is not required in the first place…