Getting back into sync

I got stopped out of a position by accident. How do I get back in sync without selling all and rebuying?..thanks…Jerry[LINKSYSTEM_52737021]

Do you mean to say you are AutoTrading Futures Trader Daily but accidentally manually closed one position of the system in your brokerage account and want to get back into sync?

In theory, if you are autotrading only 1 system, and then you restore C2’s “sync” feature, C2 will be able to match the positions in your account with the one system you are trading and will know which position is “missing.” This can’t be done with 100% accuracy in cases where you may be AutoTrading more than 1 system, however, and in these cases, it may take a bit of closing and opening of positions before C2 finally gets you back into sync.


Just guessing but it sounds as if either the user defined stop got hit or possibly the broker triggered the order by accident?

Regarding the second option – what would happen if a Gen3 subscriber had an order trigger based on a bad tick which was specific to that broker (similar to the bad price on Cotton last week, what if say OEC or Optionsxpress had a bad tick and filled an order – would that cascade and stop out all other subscribers)? Not that this is very likely, but what if for example a user accidentally changed the stop price on a Gen3 order and it filled? Does C2 check if the price actually hit before filling all other subs?


A problem occured when a stop was placed with a wrong decimal and the system stopped out the position and I wanted to get back in but was unable.


It would be helpful to know the details of what you are talking about: what account, broker, trade, trade time (and time zone), symbol, etc.

Might be best to email me these details privately. (matthew at collective2)


Maybe you overlooked Dave’s post above but I would be interested in your answer regarding his question in the second paragraph.


Bad ticks do tend to happen when it comes to “hypothetical” fills on the C2 Fill Engine. This is because C2 needs to simulate market trading for those systems where no real-life trading is being done (new systems, for example; or bad systems); and to do this C2 uses quote feeds and market data services. These quote feeds (sometimes, very rarely) have bad ticks. This can cause C2 to incorrectly fill a trade in the simulation engine which should not have been traded.

The scenario that David describes is even less likely than this. Dave is asking what would happen if a broker erroneously filled an order in a C2 AutoTrading account that should not have been filled. In the almost ten years I’ve been doing this, I’ve seen this maybe one or two times. In general, “incorrect” trades simply don’t happen in real-life trading. (But they do happen every now and then. I can count on a few fingers the number of “busted” trades I’ve seen among C2 customers … but - even here - these were trades that really did happen, but in illiquid markets, at “unfair” prices, and which were later reversed. I can’t remember a time when a broker filled erroneously due to a bad quote feed or anything like that, since brokers after all don’t rely on quote feeds to manage simulated trading. In a broker’s world, trades only happen when there is a matching buyer and seller, so it’s pretty hard for both parties to make a stupid mistake. There’s always one party interested in making sure the price is correct.)

Anyway, this is all a long-winded way of saying that it almost never happens that a broker would fill a trade erroneously (in contrast, C2 does sometimes fill a trade erroneously, though thankfully still rarely). That said, if it did happen that a broker erroneously filled a trade in a C2 AutoTrader’s account, then, yes, all other C2 Autotraders would fill as well, since C2 would be forced to assume the market had touched the required price (which in fact, it did, by definition, since a trade did happen at that price).

Hasn’t happened in real life, though, for as long as I can remember.