Beta Test for Broker Import

We recently emailed customers asking if they would be willing to participate in a test of a new feature (tentatively called BrokerImport) which will allow Trade Leaders to import their track records from already-existing real-money brokerage accounts at major brokers.

Some people have asked for more information about how this feature will work, and - in particular - whether C2 will make clear which part of a track record has been imported and which part is “go forward” (post-import) trades. To answer this question: yes, we absolutely plan to make clear which trades were imported and which were go-forward.

Finally, if you do want to participate in a beta test, please look for an email from Collective2 with the subject “Collective2 - BrokerImport Beta.”

I appreciate this!

[I don’t particularly appreciate that you remove a perfectly valid post without even informing me, but I appreciate that you listen to “some people.”]

Can you please add a Profit Loss chart to the site, been waiting forever for that. shouldn’t be hard.