Brief Update from Matthew Klein

I want to post this brief message to respond to some of the suggestions and feedback I have received both in public forums here on Collective2, and in private email.

First, let me say that I appreciate it when you take the time to write me and make a suggestion for an improvement, or even when you care enough to tell me that something on the system stinks. I do collect all of your suggestions, and regard them as extremely important. Some of the nicest things about this system (I suppose there must be some good things) are the result of users taking a moment to write me and say, "It would be good if you would add X to Collective2."

Now the reason for this post is to let you know that I have a ton of features and changes I want to add to this Web site, but that it will probably be several weeks before you see any of them appear. The reason for this is that I am wrapped up in another all-consuming project, and am trying hard to simply maintain the site and keep it running in a decent fashion while I complete the other project.

The way things tend to work around here is that I will work on something else for a few weeks, and then return to Collective2 to make a ton of changes all at once. Incidentally, I find that this style of work keeps things fresh and interesting for me, and results in better work in both my Collective2 and non-Collective2 life. It may not seem terribly efficient, but I think globally, writ large, it is. Besides, the non-Collective2 work tends to inspire and shed new light on the Collective2 stuff.

I tell you all this so that you know that I am not ignoring your suggestions. I am collecting and prioritizing them, and eventually you will see them incorporated into the site. So please keep them coming, and know that I will get around to them soon.

Some of the upcoming changes/features you will see include:

Better user interface for quickly closing positions.

Better display of open vs. closed positions.

Faster faster faster site. (I know this is a killer right now.)

A tradestation interface (pretty cool!)

Less granular fills (i.e. even more realistic)

Trading-volume sensitive fills for stocks and options. (Sorry, can’t do it with pit futures.)

And more.

So sit tight, keep the suggestions coming, and bear with me until I can finish the other stuff that impinges on my Collective2 work.

Thanks for your patience, and thank you for using the site. I really do appreciate it!

Matthew Klein


Thank you for the interesting update, Matthew.

Looking forward to hearing more about the trading station.




Matthew Klein,

I use Tradestation as both my brokerage and Trade_Manager & or Easy Language for my software. I am interested in Uyen Le’s Extreme_OS strategy. I wrote to him and he says I need to write to you about my question: Can I use any of my existing Tradestation stuff to trade Uyen Le’s Extreme_OS? (He said I needed to ask you…)

No. TradeStation Securities does not allow 3rd parties to place trades in TradeStation accounts. You’ll need to open an account at one of the participating C2-compatible brokers: OptionsXpress, OpenECry, Interactive Brokers… and a few more coming soon.

Incidentally, I find that this style of work keeps things fresh and interesting for me, and results in better work…

I have a similar style of work and I agree.

You asked for suggestions, isn’t it? Here are mine.

My suggestions for the setup of 1st generation autotrading:

1.a. Allow the possibility to specify a maximum position size, not merely a maximum trade size per signal as it is now; or

1.b. Add the possibility to maximize the number of times that a system is allowed to add to an open position.

2. Add the possibility to disallow a system to make daytrades.

(These two possibilities would have saved me quite some trouble and money lately).

My suggestions for statistics:

1. An option to get all statistics adjusted with the results of autotraders, where available. Not necessarily the same day - it is good enough if we can get them the next day by e-mail.

2. An option to get realism-and-commissions-and-autotrade-adjusted statistics for different account sizes.

3. An option to get all statistics under different scenarios that are possible with autotrading, e.g. what if I trade only $1000 per signal.

4. In all these statistics perhaps also a disctintion between 1st and 2nd generation autotrading.

5. An option to combine several statistics from the Grid into a user-defined rating, and sort on it.

My suggestions for the website:

1. In the pages with trade details, put the “Next 25 trades” link on top of the page instead of the bottom. Or let it point to the bottom of the next page.

2. A better archive for the forum, where each entry is a thread, not a single post (what seems to be the case now).

3. A function by which readers can vote in favor or against a post, and where the total number of positive votes and the total number of negative votes is displayed next to the post.

Good luck with your other “project” !

Yikes. My original post was from nearly three years ago!

Thanks for all your hard work Matthew. C2 is a unique service and I hope it will stay around for a long time.