Britney Spears turned 27 today

Forget trading systems. It’s Britney’s birthday! Hit me baby one more time. But seriously, I wonder if she parades around C2s grid looking for new ways to invest her millions. Which of our trading systems do you think she would subscribe to? I think she’s a Forex girl with aggressive capital growth initiatives.

Probably not a trend follower as she has known to start a few trends rather than follow them, and being famous probably likes to be right all the time or needs a lot of reinforcing how wonderful she is so she’ll want a system with a high win %, and every now and then she has a bit of a meltdown repeating the same mistakes and coming close to losing it all, not to mention the high maintenance running costs. All in all sounds like she’s a scalping system girl to me.

Yay… another loser we put on a pedestal cause she call yell and scream on a microphone well… :slight_smile: Maybe someone can donate her a brain.