Hate to say it.. but will be creating a strategy real soon

I promised myself I would not touch forex, but after seeing so many very very very extremely irresponsible systems failing us users like crazy and losing people tons of money, I cannot stand it anymore. I have 14 years + experiences day trading Forex since I was 16 years old. I have bio and everything online that I can pull up, did it all away to pursue acting (yay) lol… too bad neither produced the life I wanted so… what happens instead is, I get charlatanned by tons of cons and crooks along the way. Lose about 500k in the last 4 years, and now am here with a small little 5k account and I will turn that thing beautifully into a 20k account in 6 months time with no stupid draw down. Risk reward will be 2:1 minimum, 6:1 maximum (No, not leverage lol, Risk Reward! The bread & butter of winning trading, duh!)

So, will you all join me soon I will pay Matthew personally (or C2) w/e to get the Forex Machine system I created a few months back with a perfect 1 trade success and let you all use it.

I am tired of seeing people, me ESPECIALLY included lose money, and still be polite about it while we traders get ready to go to the homeless food bank because of idiots who steal our money.

Thank you, god bless, be in touch.



trade forex using futures for those US traders with IB who can’t trade forex directly.


I like your open words. I´m always holding myself back to talk negatively about scam systems because I´m a signal vendor myself so it would have a really bad touch. But you´re absolutely right, it´s hilarious how many obvious scams are around and how many people still fall for them. Well, I guess everyone has the right to be stupid and burn their money but it´s really not helping this site which has a great potential after all. I wish you all the best in your endeavour, lets make “C2 great again”. :wink:

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I completely agree. I’m a pro poker player, look me up if you wish, I know handling risk better than anyone else. -Jarett , and I’ll stamp my name behind it.

(Edit: Maybe not a wall st. hedge fund manager lol but how many of those do you get to this site lol)

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this is going to be entertaining if he does start a strategy on C2 :slight_smile:


Best of luck to you.

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What are you planning to charge per month?