Broker price differences

One of my biggest bugbears with this platform is the fact that potential investors still have to do a lot of legwork to find if a system will actually ‘work’ for them - whether it is UK and European residents not being able to trade US ETF’s, the leverage being used will wipe them out in the first week, or whether the prices actually achieved by the traders can be matched by the investors - all incredibly frustrating. A classic example is ‘quant small cap winners’ - having trudged through 20 odd closed trades you come up with at least 2 trades where the open/closed trade price difference between the investor’s broker and traders is almost a dollar (not cents!) - even though they are both using Interactive Brokers - one based in Europe the other outside. It would be very easy for C2 to highlight these discrepancies with appropriate warning flags - very strange that it still does not.