i will from now on use this thread for any bugreports…

i’ve found an issue with the “My Systems” “Block” on the dashboard… it shows an open P/L even if the trade is closed.

see: http://img29.imageshack.us/img29/6491/bugmysystems.png

there is also this ongoing issue with “please log in again” for some users… i got the same error and thought it is “fixed” (or better worked around) by using internet explorer… this isn’t the case… at some point in time it also stopped working in it as well… i’ve then tried firefox again and it worked like a charme until it stopped again… then i’d discovered, that it works, if i delete the site cookies and log in again. so there might be an issue with the session cookie. i will investigate this further to nail down what specific cookie the problem is (you guys use quite a few :wink: ) and let you know.

next thing is the forum itself… did you notice that sometimes there are double or even triple replies with the same content (this is a good example: http://preview.collective2.com/cgi-perl/board.mpl?want=listmsgs&boardid=9323885&threadhilite=7361&displayblock=&sorttype= )… i dont know what cause this and when this happens, but its annoying to scroll through a monster thread and what is left after eliminating the double posts is a 3 replies tiny thread…



i’ve an update regarding the login problem… it occured to me right now and i was able to find out that it is the session cookie (“c2session”)…


if i don’t delete it and do a re-login, the issue is still there, if i do delete it, and do a re-login, everything is fine.


Thanks for your bug reports.

I need a bit more clarification, because I do not fully understand them.

In the first, your write: “there is also this ongoing issue with ‘please log in again’ for some users…” - but I don’t know what that means. Are you saying that you are asked to log in again and again and again, sequentially, without being able to use the site at all? Or are you saying that you are asked to log in, then are allowed to use the site for some time, but then are asked to log in again after a period of time that you find too short?

If the first, then can you tell me the exact text you see and how it is delivered to you? Is it a browser (javascript) pop-up window? A little message on the C2 site? Any clarification you can provide will be very helpful.

Regarding your second point regarding forums, you write: "did you notice that sometimes there are double or even triple replies with the same content?"

Not sure what this means. Can you tell me an explicit example?

Thanks for your help.


ok, this “ongoing issue”… there are several threads in this forum complaining about a site behavior that it asks you to relogin to (for example) view your score. it is working right now, so i am unable to provide a screenshot, but if i remember correctly, the site works perfectly fine (e.g. navigating through your systems and so on) but there are a few operations where it tells you to “protect certain areas you need to relogin”. it is no popup, just a text with a link “click to re login” or so… this login works fine and if you try to look at your score, it asks again… and again and again…

the forum issue… well… if you look into this thread i’ve mentiones you will see, that post #2 and #3, #4 and #5, #6 and #7, #8 and #9 are exactly the same… this happens quite often.

hope this helps,


hmm, funny… there was only 1 reply from you before i wrote my reply… and now there are 2…

hmm, funny… there was only 1 reply from you before i wrote my reply… and now there are 2…

I do not understand this. I see only one reply from myself. Are you suggesting that you see my post more than once? Can you screen shot that for me, capturing as much of the context as possible? I am really perplexed by what you’re saying.

Regarding the other issue, I think that the “please log in again, and again, and agin” bug was fixed last week. If you see it again (and again and again), please capture a screen shot and let me know.

Thanks for your excellent QA work! :slight_smile:

well, it was not totally fixed, as i got it this morning :wink:

i will make a screenshot once i get it again.

regarding the "forums issue", here is a screenshot of how this thread looks like for me:



Hello Andreas,

Could you also post the correspondent url when you had the double posts. I also saw sometimes double posts but it depends on the url type.

Best regards



good point…

it is (for this thread) http://preview.collective2.com/cgi-perl/board.mpl?want=listmsgs&boardid=9323885&message=all&



got a new report…

if i want to create a personalized equity graph this works fine unless i change the start amount… if i leave it at 50.000 the chart appears shortly after pressing the OK button… if i change that to 20.000, it loads forever and no chart appears…