C2 as Trader Middleware

C2 generally conceived as connecting trade/asset managers and signals followers (subscribers) but often overlooked it is a very powerful trading software “middleware” connecting different and incompatible brokerage accounts and trading platforms.

Systems such as GALEFORCE (160% gain in approximately 15 months 120K fixed capital), HYPERSTATE, FURIOUS trade from Tradestation servers and through C2 send signals to IB is a huge convenience because Tradestation and IB are incompatible broker technologies

There could be pricing options for retail Traders looking to use C2 exclusively as trading middleware is a thought. Another idea provide a one stop shop where Traders can select their trading platform of choice and sign up with a broker or even multiple brokers all through C2 Currently it is a nightmare for retail Traders to experiment across platforms, brokers and data-feeds, indicator packages with so much cost, paper work and technical challenges.

Curious if anyone has thoughts on this

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