Usefull Dashboard officially dead?

Is the “Old Collective2” link officially dead? The single-page Dashboard where all systems could be viewed at once, with new signals as well, was infinitely more useful and practical than the new Dashboard which splits things across brokerages so that it is necessary to constantly click on the the brokers back and forth all day to get the same information, and which also has useless stuff like a long term equity chart and an activity feed that provide nothing useful for day to day monitoring of systems that are subscribed to. If this old Dashboard can’t be accessed any longer it is certainly a major step backwards to have to bounce between broker tabs all day just follow the systems in real time.

If the decision has been made to kill the “good” Dashboard and only have this poor replacement, is it possible to at least make the old Dashboard accessible via some other link stashed somewhere on the left side? Or if not that, to configure the new Dashboard with an “All Brokers” link (or pick some name) so that all of the systems are shown on one page rather than split up across brokers? At least that would reduce the number of mouse clicks to constantly cycle through to just three (compared to zero with the existing “old” Dashboard) rather than 3 times the number of brokerages used as now. The old Dashboard was very practical, and far more useful for actual system monitoring than the new one. It will be a shame to have that removed.

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I agree 100%!
I have used both dashboards & like the older version WAY better. Hands down.
Why can’t we have both?
I hate trying to navigate this new one.
The older 1 was much simpler & easier to navigate.
I REALLY don’t like the new one.
I don’t need the bells & whistles.

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The new Dashboard really is a major step backwards, and does exactly the opposite of what the C2 popup message used to say when going back to the “old C2”. That message was “A new Dashboard that makes it easier to keep track of strategy performance.” Besides requiring 10x more effort to get at the basic trade information, new trades are missing completely and a lot of the numbers are wrong.

For example, if I look at my summary for one broker now, one of the systems shows a total net P/L since subscribing of negative $2,969, when the actual value is positive about $7K. And “recent” trades shows neither of the trades that occurred today (for VIXTrader). The only way to see those trades is to exit the Dashboard and go to the system page (after trying 3-4 times to get past the C2 “hiccup” message) and expand the autotrade data in order to see today’s trades. They are completely missing from the new dashboard’s recent signals page. These trades may appear in the Activity Feed, but that keeps updating with virtually useless information on who is subscribing or following some random system. Honestly, why would anyone for any reason need to see a stream of messages showing what other people are doing?

Overall the new Dashboard just makes it far more difficult to follow system trades, especially if there is more than one broker or some systems are manually traded, and is cluttered with useless information like the Activity Feed and the broker equity chart, while missing key information like recent trades that require leaving the Dashboard to even find anymore. A major step backwards for actually using the site to monitor system trades in real time.

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I too really dislike the new dashboard. I don’t find it nearly as useful as the old one. It’s too bad. The scrolling of the strategies is terrible. The old way of displaying the top strategies and the ones hitting new highs was really neat.

Scott - We will be bringing back some of the “Strategy Discovery” aspects of the old dashboard that were removed from the new. This is planned for an upcoming release.

Randy - We’re going to try to incorporate some of your feedback into this (and upcoming) new releases. I appreciate your taking the time to write them down for us.

Matthew … the main complaint I have with the new Dashboard is the loss of utility for real-time monitoring of systems during the trading day. The old Dashboad had all systems on one page, independent of broker or whether manual or auto-trading. So it was easy to just sit on that page all day and monitor every system’s activity easily … the only possible interaction being to operate the scroll bar.

I have two brokers (IB and Tradovate) as well as two manually traded systems that I am subscribed to. With the new Dashboard, it is a practical impossibility to real-time monitor all of the systems because this would require a nonstop sequence of the following steps:

  1. Click on the broker tab, or the “Subscribed” tab to see the systems under those tabs.

  2. Click on one of the three additional tabs to see either open positions, recent signals, or the Summary page.

  3. When recent signals are not shown for a system when there actually were signals that day (eg. the case for me with VIXTrader last Friday) then it is necessary to click on the system page and find the signals there.

  4. Repeat this clicking sequence continuously throughout the day just to follow the systems that are subscribed to, and their real-time signals.

If just isn’t practical to do this, and if active systems are being traded with real money it is almost mandatory that the signals be monitored in case of a problem, and obviously for manual trading to actually execute the signals. On the old Dashboard with everything on one page, all of the needed information was there and easily accessible with no input at all. If this single-page can’t be incorporated into the new Dashboard somehow, how about just making a new link on the left side that can access the old Dashboard just as it is (call it something else).

I don’t know the ins and outs of the code behind all of this, but obviously the old Dashboard code exists and if it is just a matter of creating a link to it that would be ideal. But if the real-time database access and all the under-the-hood stuff prohibits a simple link to the existing page, it would at least help to have an “All” link (or similar) on the new Dashboard to eliminate the split between brokers and “subscribed” but not autotrading. This would eliminate the need to constantly cycle through the broker tabs all day, but would still require cycling between the two useful tabs (open positions and recent signals … the summary tab has no useful information for intraday real-time system monitoring). But a link to the old Dashboard in some fashion would be the best option if that is possible.

For a bug report, I had already mentioned that for one of my systems (VIXTrader) none of the Friday 11/17 signals appeared under the Recent Signals tab, and the All Time P/L number was grossly wrong (-$2,929 when it should have been about +$5K). However, when I shut down autotrading for the weekend and let C2 close out open positions for that system, it duly moved to the Subscribed tab, and that seemed to “wake up” the information as the recent signals from Friday suddenly did appear for VIXTrader, and the All Time P/L number became correct. I don’t pay much attention to these numbers as I keep meticulous trading records myself with my own spreadsheets, but it is important that the recent signals show up to avoid having to find them on the system’s main page, or miss them completely.