C2 distribution network

might a broker on C2 distribution network just pay for one subscription and then take the signals as his or a trade recommendation service to his customers and not resell the C2 system to all his customers??


No. We have ways to detect and prevent that, and the potential costs to someone would be quite high, while the benefits would be minimal. It’s just not a reasonable worry.

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Picked up an old topic here, i had same question as TPFutures and saw @MatthewKlein answered it.

A followup question on this could be if an autotrader on C2 uses a strategy to make money through other broker or platform transmit to other clients and so on. I belive there is no perfect protection against this but its also a long shot.

and last question is if a trade leader sends a message to all subs and mentions something about C2 or the strategy name, will not subscribers from the distribution network also get the message and understands that the strategy is from C2 ?