Setup auto trade

I am trying to setup auto trade for a system with TradeBullet and Interactive Brokers. The system trades futures which TB and IB have been known to trade for some time. However, I get the following message during setup:

Set up AutoTrading at TradeBullet (Gen1)

The broker you chose does not support trading in all the instrument classes you selected. Try limiting the types of instruments you want to trade to those supported by your broker.
You’ll have a chance to review your settings.

The Submit button does nothing. Please fix the logic.

Have you thought about hiring programmer to check changes that you make before running live? This happens all too much.

… solved …

Hi, Timothy -

The issue with TradeBullet is fixed now. Please give it a try and let me know if you have any other problems. Thanks for the report.


I was talking about ES and NQ contracts, but this was a programming error on the part of C2 and had nothing to do with IB trading permissions. However, thanks for the information you supplied.


Thanks for the quick resolution.